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Although Facebook Events allow you to harness the power of your social network to maximize the number of guests you have at any event, simply posting an event to Facebook, regardless of how many friends it reaches, is futile if its content doesn’t grab and hold their interest. Create an enticing, engaging Facebook Event to make friends click “Yes” rather than “Maybe” when you send them the invitation.



  1. Sign in to Facebook and click the “Events” tab located under your name and profile picture. Click the “Create an Event” button.
  2. Input a date and time for the event. Type a concise but interesting headline in the “What Type of Event Are You Planning?” box, then input a specific location — click the “Add Street Address” button if necessary.
  3. Click your mouse inside the “More Info” field and describe the event as vividly and interestingly as possible, without repeating yourself or seeming overenthusiastic. Write with guests in mind — rather than focusing too much on why the event is happening or what will happen there, illustrate the experience guests will have. For example, don’t say “Going-away party for Vicky and James. Additional guests welcome.” Rather, say something like “Help Vicky and James celebrate their time in the city as they fight back tears on the eve of their departure. Feel free to bring an additional friend along — more people for the road trip we’re taking this summer to see them.
  4. Click the “Add Event Photo” button and choose an interesting photo to accompany your event. Eye-catching photos, such as those featuring bright colors or interesting subject matter, work best.
  5. Look over your event to make sure everything is correct. Click “Create Event” and begin inviting your friends to attend.
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